Welcome to our website.

Trophies Of War is a militaria site created by us after being given the priviledge of disposing of one of the largest collections of Imperial German Militaria in the country, if not the world.

The collection represents many years' work compiling fine examples of WW1 Period German items including around two hundred items of Imperial headdress from an Officer's Garde du Corps helmet with parade eagle to the humble Feldmutze. Also included, an extensive range of Uniform and equipment items, and around fifty steel helmets.

The collection has a strong emphasis on acquiring items in "as found" condition, avoiding pieces that may have been cleaned or restored, or altered in any way. Compiled as a representation of items which were likely to have "been there" on the Western Front, pieces particularly favoured with capture details souvenir-ed by allied soldiers, and many items representing German Regiments who fought directly against the British Army during the Great War.

We hope this site will become a significant resource for collectors of First World War Militaria, and as such we are eager to acquire similar items or complete collections of the same. Not exclusively Imperial German pieces, this site will also contain British items, a selection of ww2 pieces, Medals, and other fine examples of Arms and Militaria. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss further any of our items, or any of yours. Collecting is the preservation of our history.

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